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Jens Wedin

I design digital products

I Think. I Do. I Learn.

I know nothing. And yet I know all. When I fail, I learn. I do what I love. Design is bloody hard but still, very easy. Complex. Beautiful. Good looking. Clean. Awesome. Delightful. Lovely. Cool. Fun. Clutter-free. Comfortable. Appealing. Simple. Easy. Understandable. Elegant. Usable. Friendly.

My idea of great design means great value for the user. And still great value for the business. By understanding the people, their life and their dreams, by knowing where they are and how they use it, you can create amazing experiences.

I know nothing, yet I know all. I know that to create those super dandy services you need a great team of disciplines like design, copy, marketing, IT development, graphic design, user research & business development. I know that a great team needs a flexible design process to create success. My success, your success & the users success.

I Think. I Do. I Learn.

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People say

“Jens is just excellent! He knows everything there is to know within the user experience area. He delivers high quality solutions where the interactive parts always are very well thought through and the visual feels extremely fresh. Jens is also humble and patient - when new requirements turn up late in a project, Jens finds a smart way of solving it. He is also delightful and warm as a person and easy to have around. I can really recommend Jens.” – Malin Kihlbaum, Nordea

“Jens has the rare and important ability to link between theory and practice. He is a great inspirer, a good listener and focuses constantly on striking the right balance between users and our business needs and goals. Last but not least, Jens always delivers good and thorough documentation. It has been a great pleasure working with Jens.” – Michael Rosager, Nordea

“Working with Jens is inspiring and fun, and as a project manager I could be completely confident that Jens would deliver excellent designs with that extra something. He is thorough and has that genuine passion and commitment to improving design as well as methods. Jens is always looking for new tools and ways of working, something that he shares and that inspires others to do the same. It's a privilege to work with Jens!” – Katarina Jansson, Antrop